Sport/Deep Tissue Massage

Sports Massage is a very versatile treatment and is suitable for everyone as each treatment is tailored to the individuals needs, so if you enjoy deep tissue or regular massage, why not give one a try and feel the immediate benefits.

Being a keen sportsman myself I know what its like to get injured, have sore, tired muscles and have a limited range of movement. Massage will improve the condition of muscles, release muscle tension and return the balance to the musculoskeletal system. If you have an injury it can dissipate the build up of toxins allowing a better circulation of nutrients to the wounded site and improve the body's ability to repair itself. It can also boost your exercise performance and help avoid injury by aiding muscles to be toned and be at optimum condition. Even a simple injury like back pain incurred whilst gardening or DIY for example, can be relieved by using deep tissue/sports massage sometimes with specific stretching techniques increasing flexibility and aiding a more rapid recovery.

The Benefits of Sports/Deep Tissue massage:

  • Reduces muscular aches and pain.
  • Prevents injury
  • Helps recovery from injury
  • Restores normal movement
  • Improves posture and flexibility
  • Destroys scar tissue
  • Removes lactic acid
  • Relieves posture-related back, neck & shoulder pain
  • Provides pain relief for sciatica


Your treatment begins with a discussion about your main complaint, lifestyle, health, medical conditions. This will lead to your own treatment plan. A typical session with an injured client will include treatment and advice on rehabilitation, which may include stretching and strengthening exercises. I offer pre and post event massage and home visits are available.